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Adults Grieving Parents 

Coaching with Pam Hamilton

Meet Pam

Certified Life coach

My name is Pamela, and it's been quite a journey. I lost both of my parents in my 30's and 40's, and lost my beloved husband suddenly 2.5 years ago. ​ So I know a thing or two about loss, and the unique wound when your Mum or Dad dies.     And now I want to support you as you process the grief of loss of your parent and give you the tools to  discover how to live  after loss in a world that makes no room to grieve a parent.

Feeling overwhelmed with family expectations
Without the energy to meet them


Holidays are a difficult time for grieving families you're missing your Dad or Mom, know it won't be the same but not the same how? 

         Sometimes just wish it was all over. I know I did, I also learned                   to lower my expectations of myself to meet who I am this year not who i was before loss.

Check out my interview with Teresa Beshwate, The Sudden Widow 

  coach as we discuss grieving as a family during the holiday season.

       We offer specific tips and conversation starters, specifically                        for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.                                                    Listen by clicking

After the Loss of A Parent
I Can Help You...

Learn to Know Something Better

Manage Your

Thoughts and Emotions

Discover Your Identity

without Mum or Dad

Understand Your Grief

Create a Life To Love

Discovering Who You Are Beyond the Pain of Grief Begins Today


Make room for tears.

The holidays are here and the world around you looks giddy with excitement, the pressure is on to buy gifts, food, attend get-togethers, put up lights and trees and music is playing everywhere. It can be overwhelming when you really don’t want to be involved this year for it. It’s different now because you and your family are grieving the loss of your parent. Yet when you ask your Mom or Dad “how are you? They often say “fine” and they in turn ask how you are your answer is the same “fine”.

But the truth is no one is fine.


You don’t want your parent to worry about you so you are stoic and you think that you should be fine.

But what if being honest makes it easier?

Neither you or your parent are fragile, you’re grieving. You are all sad because you miss your “Person” so give yourselves permission to laugh and to cry. So, make room for tears.

You don’t need to have long intense conversations about how you feel. A short “I miss Mom or Dad” or a hug or recalling a story or laughing about a memory along with tears will be more comforting.

       If you are ready to learn how the legacy of your grief                     can create the future you want, my coaching                            program is designed for adult daughters and sons                    grieving the loss of a parent who want to

Feel better, hurt less

Make peace with the past

Forgive yourself and others

Deal with difficult relationships

Regain your identity now

Find your way forward

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future

           Send me an email or fill out the "contact me" section                      to set up a complimentary consultation

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