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"People Pleasing" Resignation Accepted

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Just say NO!

Perhaps surprisingly grief is also your friend, when we listen it will protect and serve you. For example,, when it comes to people pleasing so many of us are on auto pilot-you just say yes without thinking.

You don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or have them think badly of you. How often have you said yes before even really considering the request or when you really wanted to say no?

Grief offers you an opportunity to get off automatic and take the time to ask if you have the bandwidth and then be deliberate in deciding whether it's a yes or a no. It's normal for your bandwidth to accommodate the needs of others to have greatly diminished.

Don't expect to be able to do the same things you did before loss if you are running on empty.

Just say “NO” (politely of course). Consciously making a choice either yes or no gives you a feeling of being in control of something!

P.S “They” will find another way, surprisingly you are not the only person I the world who can do “the thing.”

Here's an acronym to help HALT

· H- Honesty- Be honest with yourself first.

· A-Awareness- Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

· L-Limitations-Let them be just what they are in the present- act accordingly.

· T- Time -In your own time-there’s no schedule for grief.

I’m here as one who has experienced the loss of both parents in adulthood and a certified coach to support and show you how to reconstruct your life.

Contact me to learn more and we will see if my coaching program is a fit for you.

Thinking of you Pam

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